Two Hearts at Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow

Two Hearts at Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow


Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow


Jephson Robb

Project Overview

The stunning Two Hearts sculpture placed outside Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow has been completely fabricated in-house from 316 grade Stainless Steel.

The 4 metre, mirror-polished reflective platform supports figure number two (two hearts) which has been placed on its side. Powder coated in bright red, the sculpture makes a bold statement and has been designed by Jephson Robb to capture the attention of passers-by, patients and staff alike.

The 2 makes direct reference to the 2 of 200 years for which the work has been commissioned to mark. Rotated counter clockwise through 90 degrees the 2, a normally familiar shape, is transformed into an unrecognisable or unidentifiable new form. Only by the viewer adjusting their view are they able to rediscover and recognise the familiar.

Two Hearts offers the viewer a different experience of the work depending on the distance from which they view it. From a distance only the fallen 2, the superficial is visible, however when viewed from close quarters the mirror polished surface of the plinth reflects the two to reveal a large red heart.

Artist's Vision

Two Hearts will serve as a legacy to the past 200 years of the hospital, and point forward to 21st century mental health care and the role which the arts has to play in supporting and promoting the recovery of those living with ill mental health.

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