The Abertillery Gateway, South Wales

The Abertillery Gateway, South Wales


Abertillery, South East Wales


Blaenau Gwent County Borough

Project Overview

m-tec manufactured the Super Satin finished stainless steel spires, which are 8mm thick with a diameter of 450mm.

M-tec undertook the fabrication and installation of the Abertillery Spires and worked with main contractor Dawnus Construction who prepared the foundations for this project. The 6 spires were fabricated in 2 sections and welded together to create the height ranging from 14 to 17 metres high. The spires are made from grade 316 stainless steel and polished to a satin finish. The internal structure is fitted with IP 67 led colour changing luminaires supplied by Anolis Lighting to create the stunning effect which penetrates through the cut outs and adds to the ambience of the project. The overall project symbolises the history of the mining community and now forms part of the landscape to remind us of the Welsh Mines and the Mining Community.

As part of a competition, local schools were given the opportunity to produce sketches, poems or short stories to represent past and present memories. The winning designs were engraved onto 16 stainless steel plaques on the stone retaining wall.

Artist's Vision

The Abertillery Gateway feature represents the historic locations of former colliery sites from the surrounding area. Each spire is illuminated with LED's to symbolise the glow of burning furnaces associated with the mines. The spires also have stainless steel base plates engraved with the name of the colliery they are representing.

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