The Concorde Nose Sculpture


Concorde Nose Sculpture




Sebastian Conran Associates

Project Overview

This elegant and highly complex piece was given to us to fabricate by a private client.  The Concorde Nose is authentic and our contract was to fabricate the stainless steel support sculpture.
The whole piece which weighs around 5 tonnes can rotate on an original bearing from the Concorde engine and is a testament to our fabrication and engineering skill.

Designers / Artists Vision

A private client commissioned Sebastian Conran Associates to produce a sculpture incorporating the original nose assembly from the sixth Concorde airframe which was previously used as a fatigue test specimen at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough. 

The result was inspired by the sonic waves the aircraft would have made by surfing the earth's atmosphere at over Mach II. Fabricated using a weldox skeleton and skinned in three tonnes of polished stainless steel, the piece is over seven meters long.  The sculpture turns on its centre of gravity allowing the piece to be displayed pointing in any desired direction. 

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