Flight of Fancy, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Flight of Fancy, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire




Liz Lemon

Project Overview

Flight of Fancy was a joint project Artist-Liz Lemon undertaken by Ashfield District Council, artist Liz Lemon, Rolls Royce and m-tec.

The Flight of Fancy sculpture was laser cut, fabricated and polished by m-tec. The complex shape is a testament to the metal working skills of the m-tec team.

The tay mixer attached to the top section of the sculpture was fabricated and supplied by Rolls Royce. m-tec were responsible for the attachment of this section to the three tiered sculpture and also the delivery and installation of the artwork to the Hucknall site.

m-tec would like to thank all parties involved including Tesco, the Greater Nottingham Partnership and Nottinghamshire County Council for their financial contributions.

A special thanks to Rolls Royce for their assistance in the supply of the tay mixer and also Ashfield District Council and artist Liz Lemon for their input and assistance in this project.

Artist's Vision

The project involved the creation of a new public open space at Hucknall. Flight of Fancy, designed by artist Liz Lemon working with Rolls Royce, and provides a focal point in this area. The artwork is designed to reflect Hucknall's industrial heritage with other references to the lace making industry and Ada Lovelace. Lovelace was Lord Byron's daughter and is credited with designing the precursor to the modern computer. The artwork includes a tay mixer, which is a part of an engine manufactured by Rolls Royce and donated to the project by the company.

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