Hyperscope, Blyth

Hyperscope, Blyth


Blyth Market Place


Inspire Northumberland & Artist Simon Watkinson

Project Overview

Hyperscope, a collaboration between Inspire Northumberland, Artist Simon Watkinson and m-tec fabrication to create this intriguing piece of street art.

Standing at 7.4 metres tall, Hyperscope, was originally inspired by a child's periscope. Watkinson saw the concept of the periscope as a fitting basis for what he wanted to convey – the transition from below to above ground, and the transition between the past and the future.

At night the sculpture is illuminated with colour changing paterns between the two lighthouse lenses in the central pillar which rises out of the black granite plinths underlit with glowing blue LEDs creating the effect that they are flaoting above the ground.  

Artist's Vision

"My approach is based on the premise that it is important for artists to explore their interests, particularly in the built environment in which we live, outside the gallery. This ethos has been used directly in Hyperscope as I've investigated how Blyth has evolved over the years both industrially and socially. I hope the work will act as a focal point and meeting place for generations to come." Simon Watkinson

"Inspire Northumberland involves artists at the beginning of the design process to develop innovative projects. In Blyth we wanted to make a high quality and special space for the new Market Square and by involving artist Simon Watkinson as part of the design team we have delivered a stunning light sculpture which draws meaning from Blyth's heritage and celebrates Blyth as a forward looking 21st Century town," Wendy Scott Inspire Northumberland

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