Discovery Sculpture / Sir Francis Crick Memorial, Northampton

Discovery Sculpture / Sir Francis Crick Memorial, Northampton




Lucy Glendinning

Project Overview

The Sir Francis Crick sculpture, Artist-Lucy Glendinning Discovery, was a joint project between artist Lucy Glendinning and m-tec.

As the fabricator of the curved metal sections, m-tec was responsible for working closely with the artist to co-ordinate the installation of the two stainless steel structures in Northampton town centre. The relation of the two forms alters depending on the viewpoint, drawing the viewer into the wider space at Abington Street and creating a sense of dramatic entrance.

A major task was that of ensuring the life-size figures springing from the 6-metre curved plinths joined the structure seamlessly.

Artist's Vision

Discovery is a two-part sculpture designed in tribute to Sir Francis Crick’s reference to the double helix as a balance between two large numbers: the energy of attraction and repulsion.

The figures depicted in bold, abandoned postures convey a sense of optimism and passion and reflect the sheer daring of his work.

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