Skyramp, Birmingham

Sky Ramp, Birmingham


Attwood Green, Regeneration, Birmingham


N K Projects

Project Overview

The Sky Mirror was a joint project Artist-N K Projects between Optima Community Association, Crest Nicholson, N K Projects, Birmingham City Council, atelierone, Fountain Workshops, Curtins, English Landscapes, Landscape Practice Group, S3I and m-tec which were responsible for the full fabrication of the Sky Ramp.

The 38 metre stainless steel walkway was fabricated at m-tecís Darwen Headquarters with the timber decking installed prior to delivery and the full metal sculpture polished to a satin finish. m-tec delivered the walkway in three sections where it was sited next to the water feature.

Artist's Vision

The Sky Mirror is a viewing platform that combines a water mirror which functions as a performance space.

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