Tower of Light, Portishead

Tower of Light, Portishead




Mark Merer

Project Overview

Tower of Light was a joint project Artist-Mark Merer undertaken by artist Mark Merer, Crest Nicholson and fabricator m-tec, who were responsible for the complete fabrication and installation, including all specialist LEDís attached to the Tower of Light. The tower was laser cut and bead-blasted then delivered and installed at the Portishead site.

Artist's Vision

The essence of the sculpture is the perception of space, and as our understanding of space changes, so must our sculpture change. Sculpture and place are the same, and the way in which we place an object can express the simple desire to produce an awareness of ones surroundings.

As a sculptor Markís compulsion is to create landscapes and environments that evoke a balance of spirit and matter. Combine this with the position of the site adjacent to the new lock gate and the light tower was developed.

The tubular form recalls the old chimneys while the internal moving light reflects the power station and highlights the pattern of reflected light on water that has been cut into the form. The whole piece comes together to create a gateway or beacon to the new marina at Portishead.

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