Sun-Moon Sculpture at Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow

Sun-Moon Sculpture


Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow


Jephson Robb

Project Overview

Designed by Jephson Robb, the Sun-Moon sculpture is made up of a 2.5 Metre Convex diameter circle comprising of two different sides to represent the contrast between the Sun and the Moon.

The blasted stainless steel side features the welded and highly polished dished sections which have been created to reflect the shapes and the craters on the Moon. The opposite side is made of a highly reflective, polished mirror to represent the brightness of the Sun.

The skill level required to fabricate this unique sculpture with two contrasts is reflected in the welding of the dished ends, as they were highly engineered to achieve the final result.

Artist's Vision

Located outside the Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow the Sun-Moon sculpture draws its inspiration from the hospital motto ‘Let there be Light Again’ and reflects the experiences and journeys, past and present of those using its mental health services.

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