World Globe Sculpture - Uyo, Nigeria

World Globe Sculpture - Uyo, Nigeria


Uyo, Nigeria



Project Overview

The dramatic five-metre diameter globe stands on a prominent roundabout in the Nigerian city of Uyo. 

The type 316 bead blasted globe was shipped out to West Africa after being created by the m-tec team in Darwen. It took 19 days for the distinctive piece of artwork to reach its destination and after arriving in the capital Lagos it was shipped by road from one side of the African country to the other. m-tec installed the globe on a prominent roundabout in Uyo, which is in south-eastern Nigeria, the capital of Akwa Ibom, a major oil producing state.

Fabricated from Stainless Steel, the globe is tilted to 23.5 degrees and rotates by a hydraulic motor. The sculpture is also lit by LED floodlights at night.

The globe, which was installed in March 2014 is the latest in a series of high-profile artwork which m-tec has been commissioned to create recently.

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